Work with us

Work with us

Would you like to enjoy teaching?

We are looking for tutors, teachers or trainers for the following topics:
Maths: GCSE | A-levels
Physics: GCSE | A-levels
Chemistry: GCSE | A-levels
English: GCSE | A-levels
French: GCSE | A-levels
Italian: GCSE | A-levels

Soft skills: business and professional development short courses

In our “kitchen” participants enjoy an unique experience of learning any topic through food.

The way it works is simple. We team up with trainers, presenters, tutors, sellers, etc. They teach their topic and during the session participants have a culinary experience, learning and making the tapas they are going to eat.
Dare to start enjoying teaching?

Passionate for sharing your knowledge or skills?

Drop us a line and tell us what subject you would be interested in teaching