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7 May

Cooking Your Spanish

  Are you bored of looking at textbooks, apps or academic classes to learn Spanish? Would you like to learn Spanish through a multisensorial learning experience? Cooking Your Spanish is a unique approach to learn Spanish while making tapas. Fun, tasty and social. Read more

2 Apr

Deconstructed cocktails

Creating cocktails should be more than just mixing ingredients! I have created this workshop to share with you my tricks in molecular gastronomy applied to drinks. Learn how to blends physics and chemistry to transform an ordinary cocktail into an innovative experience…Read more

7 Dec

for children

This new year we have special workshops for children from KS2 and KS3. Every first Sunday of the month -starting in February- from 11 to 12.30 pm, learn Science & Spanish making tapas. In this content language integrate learning (CLIL) workshop, children prepare two healthy tapas and learn science concepts related to these tapas, based […]