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1 May

Vegan Molecular Gastronomy

If you are looking for an ordinary cookery class, this is not for you. If you have a creative mind, love multicultural networking, do not like cooking rules and are passionate about experimenting in the kitchen, you are taking too long to sign up already. Read more

23 Apr

Cooking Your Spanish

  Are you bored of looking at textbooks, apps or academic classes to learn Spanish? Would you like to learn Spanish through a multisensorial learning experience? Cooking Your Spanish is a unique approach to learn Spanish while making tapas. Fun, tasty and social. Read more

7 Dec

Fillet of beef Prince Albert

Fillet of beef Prince Albert is a method of preparing a fillet of beef (ternera) which was named (fue llamado) in honour of the husband of Queen Victoria. Essentially, it is a pounded ¬†beef fillet (filete de ternera “golpeado”), rolled around a (enroolando ) filling of pate de foie gras (un relleno de foie gras), […]