EVOO: Quaryat Dillar

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500 ml

Aroma: Intense and reminiscent of green olives. Dominant tomato plant, artichoke and olive leave fragrances with some hints of green almond and green banana peel.

Taste: After a sweet entry to the mouth, the banana, artichoke and tomato plant blend in with bitter and pungent sensations. The mild astringency touch enhances the overall harmony of this EVVO.

Culinary uses: Given the sensory profile of this oil, it is specially recommended in green salads and with onion, pepper or tomato dishes. Great for cooking potatoes, rice, meat stews or pasta, as well as accompaniment for cured meats, cheeses and ham.



Quaryat Dillar is old Andalusian for Village of Dílar. This project feeds on agricultural ways and means of a culture that goes back hundreds of years and it embraces those farmers’ olive grove care giving tradition. Our family is a part of this enduring effort and what better way to pay tribute to our ancestors than taking on the challenge of preserving our much loved land for future generations.