07 December 2016

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for children

for children

This new year we have special workshops for children from KS2 and KS3.
Every first Sunday of the month -starting in February- from 11 to 12.30 pm, learn Science & Spanish making tapas.
In this content language integrate learning (CLIL) workshop, children prepare two healthy tapas and learn science concepts related to these tapas, based on KS2, KS3 and KS4  curriculum, such as:
 Emulsions
 Foams
 Gels, colloids, suspensions
 Protein chemistry
 Oxidation and reduction reactions
 Crystallisation
 Bacterium in food
 Acids and bases
 Chemistry bonds
 Changing states
 Biochemistry of making cheese
 Fats and oils
 Heat
 PH

…and some “bites” of Spanish language and culture. Learning and eating having fun!
Only £10 per session, everything included.
information and bookings
P: 07503 727320


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