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Molecular gastronomy: cooking techniques

Molecular gastronomy: cooking techniques




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  • Jack Byers says:

    A great workshop and a fantastic way of running this class. Everyone had a chance to get hands on and create their own gastronomic masterpiece. David was accommodating and a great teacher. The food was delicious, would definetely recommend.

  • Joss & Arthur says:

    We had an absolutely wonderful time. The evening was relaxed, educational and very enjoyable. David’s manner was great. He was engaging and receptive to questions.
    On the whole, a great night!

  • Josephine says:

    David is a great teacher and we had a wonderful time learning the fun techniques from him. Really enjoyed it. Highly recommended.

  • Chris and Joy says:

    An amazing workshop! We had a great time and learnt a lot.

  • Marisa says:

    Lots of fun! We learnt some magic techniques and thoroughly enjoyed the company.

  • Alison says:

    The blend of chemistry and food is absolutely fascinating, and the results simply delicious and eye-catching. I have been to a workshop with my husband and my daughter and we have all thoroughly enjoyed it.

  • Diego says:

    David, I had a wonderful time and your workshop was absolutely stunning! Love the way we learned how to transform the texture and taste of any type of food using science – would definitely recommend this experience to anyone!

  • Adeline Siffert says:

    David’s workshop was simply amazing. I’ve had an amazing time and David is very friendly. The food was delicious and I’ve definitely learned some molecular tricks!!

  • P says:

    Organised a class as a surprise birthday present for a friend and it was a success! We learned new techniques and David was accomodating – we had a great time.

  • M says:

    What a great way to spend an evening! David was hilarious and very knowledgeable, leading us through the creation of a number of very clever dishes using techniques we had heard of but never tried ourselves. And he explained the techniques simply enough that I’m definitely planning to try them at home. If you’re a fan of Heston Blumenthal or Ferran Adrià, you’ll really enjoy this introduction to their style of cooking!

  • Daisy Bryant says:

    It was just myself and my partner, and we had a very lovely evening with David! We learnt a lot and enjoyed delicious food. I would recommend this course to any keen chemists who want to try something very different!
    And the Spanish was an added bonus as I’m more used to learning Italian! Thank you David!!

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Hola! I'm David. I am a chemist certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking. I want to share with you my knowledge in molecular gastronomy techniques. It blends physics and chemistry to transform the look and texture of food. The result? New and innovative culinary creations. Join me on this experience, where you'll learn and work with new ingredients, such as xanthan gum, calcium lactate, carrageenan, agar-agar, methylcellulose, lecithin, nitrous oxide, sodium alginate... We'll transform the textures of ordinary food into more creative ones.


Each one-off sessions include:


-tapas dinner


-BYOB, but the first glass of wine is on us

-Molecular gastronomy cooking techniques

-Span-glish recipes. Love challenges!

-Molecular ingredients kits available for purchase


Suitable for vegetarian and vegan.


Venue & Dates:


every FRIDAYfrom 7-9pm @ Craft My Day, 42 Central Road Worcester Park (KT4 8HY)


Ask us for our bespoke private sessions!


IMPORTANT NOTE: in order to book these workshops you have to sign up first through the member tab (top of the page). Then tell us when you want to attend. We will secure your seat and you are ready to buy your voucher. You can pay by card or pay-pal


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Our Main Teachers


Managing director

David has twenty years of experience in developing and providing training. He has been working in Spain, US, Chile and UK developing workforce development training programs and dynamics for Universities and companies. David has a master’s degree in Chemistry from Salamanca University; he is a Certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking. You will not only learn the HOW you will also learn the WHY.

Price : 85 £

Max Availability : 6

Difficulty : Beginner

Location : Worcester Park

Typology : one-off