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French & Amuse Bouche (terms)

French & Amuse Bouche (terms)




Languages with Food

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FIFTH ANNIVERSARY DEAL !! 6 weeks only £199

Enjoy our unique methodology and learn French making amuse bouche:
    • 6 weeks | 1.5 hr/week | one new topic and 2 new amuse bouche each session
    • 7-8.30pm
In our "kitchen" participants enjoy a unique experience of learning French language and culture through food. The way it works is simple. At every session we cover a new language topic based on conversation, and students prepare and eat two healthy amuse bouche. No culinary skills are needed. This is a bespoke course for groups of min 5 people

Our Main Teachers

Elodie is our bilingual French teacher from La Bretagne, her students say that she has an endless smile…always positive, patience and fun.

Price : 199 £

Max Availability : 7

Difficulty : Level 1

Location : Worcester Park

Typology : members £40 off