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Are you bored of looking at grammar and textbooks to learn English? Would you like to practise English with a native teacher through food? We provide a truly different English learning experience while you are making British-appetisers. The way it works is simple. At every session, we cover a new language topic based on conversation, and students prepare and eat two healthy appetisers. No culinary skills are needed and you don’t need to worry about things like grammar and homework! Topics: Pronunciation, introductions, family, coffee shop, restaurant, supermarket, the city. In our "kitchen" participants enjoy a unique experience of learning English language and British culture through food. We have small groups as well as a qualified teacher to guide you through the process – whether you are a beginner, intermediate or advanced. Come along if you want to improve your confidence with spoken English! Don’t forget - each two hour session includes: -2 British-modern appetisers and lessons in how they are prepared. - English lesson - British cultural aspects related with the food you prepare Do something different! This is a bespoke workshop for groups of 5 people minimum

Our Main Teachers

Having lived in both Spain and Argentina, Howard is fluent in both Spanish and English. An enthusiastic and friendly Spanish and English teacher, Howard is always looking for new ways to motivate students and help them learn English. Having studied in both the UK and Spain, working abroad for a short time and then returning to complete an MA in Applied Linguistics at Kingston University, Howard is also passionate about Spain and travelling.

Price : 39 £

Max Availability : 7

Difficulty : Beginner Intermediate

Location : Worcester Park


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