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Spanish & Tapas (terms)

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  • Ray Howard says:

    Attended the tapas course in Worcester Park, January-February 2018, a highly enjoyable introduction to Spanish culture, language and gastronomy. Would recommend.

  • Siobhan Gledhill says:

    Such a fantastic experience!! Learning Spanish and eating delicious tapas! I have learnt so much and met some new friends! Wonderful course, Gracias David!

  • Nic Gagiano says:

    This is my 3rd course and as always David delivered a great cultural and learning experience in a relaxed atmosphere. I really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. ¡Muchas gracias David!

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Level 1



The Cooking Your Spanish’s teaching methodology is inspired on applying American Psychologist Abraham Maslow’s theory about the human hierarchy of needs to learning.

In his theory Maslow describes different stages of growth in humans to reach their goals.

We have focused on the first stage transforming an ordinary classroom in a "cosy Mediterranean kitchen".

In our "kitchen" participants enjoy a unique experience of learning Spanish language and culture through food.

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Looking for Spanish classes? Boring of using books, apps or attending the same classes over and over? Not look further.

Try our own methodology of learning Spanish while making tapas, where every session is an experience.

Based on a practice-conversations-model with a native facilitator, we don't follow an academic system, so be prepared to learn from out of the box.

Quality guarantee: if after attending the first session the class doesn't reach your expectations, you will get your money back.

      • 6 weeks | 1.45 hr/week | one new topic and 2 new tapas each session


    • Worcester park (KT4 7AT): Thursdays 7-8.45 pm

      Next terms:

From 20 Sep to 25 Oct 2018

From Nov 5 to Dec 10 2018

Open to all levels and keeping the price of 2013

The way it works is simple. At every session we cover a new language topic based on conversation, and students prepare and eat two healthy tapas. No culinary skills are needed.

Topics: Pronunciation rules, introductions, family, coffee shop, restaurant, supermarket, the city, museum, shows, travelling.

In our "kitchen" participants enjoy a unique experience of learning Spanish language and culture through food.

Note: in order to book your seat, you have to register first. Please go to the member's tab at the top of the page and sign up. Once you have signed up you can book any activity or course. Many thanks!

Our Main Teachers


Managing director

David has twenty years of experience in developing and providing training. He has been working in Spain, US, Chile and UK developing workforce development training programs and dynamics for Universities and companies. David has a master’s degree in Chemistry from Salamanca University; he is a Certified from Harvard University in Science and Cooking. You will not only learn the HOW you will also learn the WHY.

Price : 199 £

Max Availability : 7

Location : Worcester Park